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In Marketing, lead generation simply refers to the initiation of consumers interest or inquiry into product or services for a business. In simple words, getting to know the person who is interested into your business so you can follow-up with them.

As the word explains itself, automation is a process on which, all the steps that are usually supposed to be done manually are now automated to work in  sync with one another to create full automation and no manual work is required.

Automated lead generation simply refers to a process where a leads info is funneled through various channels to created automated process on initiation the introduction to sending the lead info to appropriate department to follow-up messages and entire process is fully automated.

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In native form, you can run a lead generation ads on Meta (Facebook or Instagram) and you have to manually check it every min to see if you have received any new leads, yes you read it right. Even after spending thousands of dollars on your Facebook ads, there is no automation provided by Facebook to notify you when there is a new lead.

As per the market research, if you contact the lead within 15 min of them contacting you, there is 80% success rate on converting that lead into a client.

At Kyra Web Inc. we provide a fully automated process for you where as soon as the person click on your ad and requests more info, a series of process occurs within just seconds, They get an automated email thanking them for contacting you, you or your team receives a notification on their email and/or via SMS that a new lead is generated with all the info provided by them. If you use a CRM, that info then gets funneled into it to create a new lead. This entire process takes 1 second.

Now imagine doing this manually, it would take you at least couple of minutes to do all these steps and that also means that you need to be sitting at your desk 24/7 monitoring leads every min.


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