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We frequently share tips and tricks to easily edit complex problems on WordPress website. If you want to find a solution that is not posted here, please let us know via contact page and we will try to share those as well. Thanks.

408, 2022

Why SMS Marketing is the future of marketing!

SMS marketing is quickly becoming the future of marketing. Not only is it a more efficient way to reach your target market, but it’s also an interactive and engaging medium. You can use SMS marketing to reach a wide audience, especially if you have a well-developed social media presence. Additionally, SMS marketing can help you build brand awareness and grow your following.

2310, 2021

Bookly – Plugin Review

About Bookly Plugin Bookly, built for WordPress, is an appointment booking software that is designed for businesses across several industry segments, including law consultancies, restaurants, medical clinics, spas, fitness institutes, and repair services. It enables organizations to create custom booking forms with brand colors, available dates, service categories, employee preferences, ...

1704, 2018

Custom Checkout Message Woocommerce

Adding Custom Checkout Message Woocommerce. Ever wanted to add a custom message or Notification on the Checkout Page . Like Free Shipping world wide or We usually take 2 Business days for processing Or some kind of notification so the customers would know that before placing order . Below is ...

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