Having a price range for a product is always a good practice and is followed by many stores online. This gives an opportunity for buyers to see if the price range fits their budget.

So why do we need to modify it. Simple, to stop buyers from feeling hesitant in browsing your product.

Let me give you an example. I have a product that is sold in bundles and 1 unit is $5 and 100 unit is $500. Now when someone sees the price range $5 – $500, it is going to scare s**t out of them, so this is the time we need to use below listed method. This will convert range to From $5.

Requirements – You need to know how to access functions.php file. Should have access to FTP or file manager in your hosting and can re-modify the file if something goes wrong.

Proffered – Its highly recommended to modift child theme files, this way your changes wont be lost when theme files are updated.

How to use child theme : Read More

So without wasting too much of your time, lets give you the code that you have to copy and paste it in your functions.php

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