Some page builders and themes automatically add title to each image. In this post, we will see how to remove the image title that appears when you hover over an image.

First we will discuss on how to remove the image title attribute from images on websites that are using Avada Theme. There are basically 2 ways of doing it, one is the hard way and one is the easy way. Lets see the easy way first.

Just navigate to the Dashboard of your website and click on Avada -> Options

Once you are at the options panel for avada theme, navigate to Custom CSS panel and just add the code below

Now an alternative way, that works with all major page builders

This wouold include adding a code to your functions.php file.

All existing images have a title attribute but when the page is load, it will delete automatically by the jQuery removeAttr() method. Not the best way but for many cases, this is the exact solution. This works with Kadence, Divi theme as well as page builders that add a title tag to images automatically.

Add the following code to your Javascript code.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$(‘img[title]’).each(function() { $(this).removeAttr(‘title’); });
How to remove image title attribute on hover Avada Theme – WordPress
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